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Comprehensive Business Verification

  • Add credibility to your listings with high-level verification of your business identity.
  • Having your business information authenticated by authoritative third party sources will increase publishers' confidence in its accuracy and can lead
    to faster publication.
  • You will be able to place a Verified Business seal with your name included on your website and in your emails, providing customers and partners a high
    degree of confidence that they will be working with a legitimate business.

Your business will be verified using rigorous checks as to its existence. UBL and its specialist verification partner Edentify will deploy multiple verification
methods, including those employed by banks and other issuers of credit. This means clients can be assured yours is an actual business with the correct name,
address and phone number as described. To verify your business, checks will be made against public record databases, including state and federal
government agencies, professional databases and, if necessary, direct contact with the business itself.

To ensure your business is able to pass verification, you should be able to provide business registration information such as a Federal or State Tax ID number,
Articles of Incorporation, Better Business Bureau accreditation, local authority dba ("doing business as") record or similar documentation. For more information
on establishing credentials see the Small Business Administration's site.

Please note this verification is not designed as an endorsement of the business, its Website, or personnel.

Every UBL listing is verified by either credit card validation or by our key distribution partners before publication; the Comprehensive Business Verification
provides a superior grade of identification in an expedited manner. It improves the quality rating of your business information.

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  • Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN
  • Online Yellow Pages (Superpages, Yellowpages)
  • Portals and Guides such as AOL, CitySearch
  • Cell Phones and Mobile (BlackBerry and iPhone)
  • 411 Directory Assistance
  • In-Car GPS Navigation
  • Telematics such as OnStar
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